Saltmarsh and the band of seven

The Town of Scant

The party flew in from the north, after stopping in the small town of Beer for exactly the reason you’re thinking, into Scant. Rilara, remembering her home town, stopped in with the party at a local alchemists shop. After some haggling and shopping, the party learned of Dr.Marco, the creator of the philosopher’s stone, and that he used to run the alchemy guild, and there would be a good place to find out more. Passing through the market was more difficult then expected, as every merchant the party came across had something of value to the party. After narrowly avoiding the savvy merchants, the party met Boril, the overweight dwarven leader of the alchemy guild. Boril told them that Dr.Marco spends his days doing research in the sewers for seclusion and secrecy. The intrepid heroes immediately went off to the sewer entrance Boril told them about. Leaving the main market place and going into the more seedy and abandoned area, the party found the manhole as well as a remarkably unremarkable fellow fiddling with an old merchants stall. Asking what his wares were, he responded with ‘death’, collapsing the front of the stall revealing a wall of cannons and that he was an assassin from the Hellknights. Barley surviving the cannons, explosion, and traps left for them the ‘apathetic assassin’ made his escape. After recuperating, the party continued to Marco’s lair to find the alchemist, but alas Malcolm had arrived 4 years earlier and taken the stone. The party talked for hours to marco about the stone, Malcolm, and the Necropolis, the place where the stone was now kept. After formulating part of a plan of attack for the Necropolis, the party set out to find Cordell, their privateer contact in the Azure Sea. Marco departed to Jon Baptiste’s work shop, while the party went for the docks to find the Nightingale, Cordell’s ship, and ask him about taking them to the region where the legendary gun of a famous pirate might be. Finding out that Cordell wasn’t coming, but his first mate Nebuchadnezzar was arriving in three days on the Evermist. With a little down time, the party shopped while Evan started a new chapter of the thieves guild in Scant. Using Marco’s former hideout the party made Wesker, the leader of a small band of burglars, head of the Scant Branch Shadow Hands. He and his band were ordered to do a small heist to prove their skill. Now the party awaits the arrival of the Evermist to continue on their hunt of artifacts for the coming war.


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