Saltmarsh and the band of seven

Loss at the Bottom

With their planning complete, the trio went back into the depths to save Dolce and Rilara. Finding their way back to the wreckage of the vagabond, the ranger used his skills to track the colossal crabs tracks until they came across a ridge and saw a field of the beasts tracks and a deep trench. They had found the beasts stomping ground and its masters lair. As stealthily as they could, the group edged their way to the watery canyon and saw a hidden entrance at the bottom. Lachlan started to swim towards it, but was snatched mid-stroke by the shipbreaker crab, they had been standing on the motionless behemoth and mistaken it for part of the terrain! The crab began to slam Lachlan around, the fighters bones shaking in his armor with each thunderous hit. Evan went into action, casting grease on the fighter to ease his escape as the ranger called on his magic to buff himself. The monstrous crustacean continued its assault with the fighter still locked in its massive claw. The ranger enchanted his bow further, it thrumming with energies ready to strike at the beast; but it was to late. The crab grabbed hold of Lachlan, and in one mighty wrench, tore the fighter asunder. Blood filled the water, arrows swam, and the shipbreaker crab was no more. Little did they know, Lachlans lifeblood had attracted the master’s watchdog: The Megaladon, a shark of immense size and power. With barely a moment to mourn their loss and relish their victory, the shark devoured Clint in one fell swoop, and turned on the bard. Using his evasive training he dodged the ancient beasts maw and back peddled to the edge of the crevice. Meanwhile, in the belly of the beast, Clint was slowly being digested, crushed by stomach muscles. He slid an arrow out and cut a hole in the stomach, crawling and stabbing until he saw a lone bard. Calling on his inner ki, he turned invisible and swam to the tight corridors of the caves below, but there was a lot of water between them. As the shark charged Clint, spurred on by his lost meal and the smell of blood. Thinking on his feet (or at least using the fighters) the bard jammed one of Lachlan’s bloody leg stumps in each of the beasts nostrils, momentarily blinding it and catching up to the ranger. Clint turned in mid-stroke, pulling his still heavily powered bow and unleashing his arrows into the megaladon’s most vital points and it was still. Continuing on their journey, the now duo turned invisible and stealthed, ironically the ranger found a wand of hide from animals in his bag, and decided to use it now. They came across a large underwater auditorium, filled with sahahugin worshipers, dozens of sharks swimming in geometrical patterns, and their malicious leader. Before him, chained to a pillar was Dolce and Rilara, still unconscious. The priest was in trance, initiating a ritual to sacrifice his captives to a dark god. The bard quickly went into action, pulling out a wand and sending waves of cold into the crowd of evil cultists. The ranger followed suit, unleashing a scroll of flame that boiled the water around another group. The vile deacon, infuriated that surface dwellers would dare infiltrate his lair, let alone kill his guards, unleashed a blast of unholy hellfire into the ranger, flinging him back into the wall while all of his followers swarmed Evan, stabbing at him with their spears and tridents. He quickly and expertly dodged each attack, dancing around each thrust and stab. Clint regained his footing and swam into the air, taking careful aim at the sahahugin leader and let loose a volley of arrows. Few hit their target, as he seemed to be in three places at once. Then, the sharks all swam around their master, shielding him from harm as he said, “you kill two of mine, i kill two of you”. He laughed an insidious laugh as he brought his ritual dagger to Dolce’s throat and drew her life’s blood, killing her. Evan shot and stabbed all around him, desperately trying to get away, but to no avail. Clint pulled a handful of special, seeking arrows out of his quiver, and let loose a barrage that careened around the circling shark cloud right into his targets flesh. The priest howled in fury and charged into Clint, pulling out 4 wicked looking cutlasses in each arm and slashed away furiously at the ranger, surrounding them both in a dense swarm of blood thirsty sharks, still unable to find the duo hidden by their magic. The bard finally broke free of the dog-pile and shot at the priest, dodging shark and spear. Clint pumped his bow in rapid succession and swords slashed in blind fury until only one remained. The Sahahguin priest slowly floated upward, motionless and full of arrows and bullet wounds. His flock flees in terror at the loss of their master and sharks disperse, no longer called by anyone. The bard and ranger take a breath of relief and release Rilara and Dolce from their bonds, reviving the sorceress and laying to rest the paladin in an extra-dimensional space. The party moved to a room behind the altar, the priests quarters, and in a heavily trapped chest they found their prize. An old and powerful pistol wielded by a legendary pirate decades ago: The artifact aegis-bane. The party quickly swam to the surface and found the Evermist and planned their next move.

The Azure Sea and the Vagabond

Nebuchadnezzar, having found the location of the Vagabond, took our adventurers deep into the Azure Sea. Along the three week journey, the party accustomed themselves with handling a ship, star navigation, fishing, rope running, and other tricks of the trade. Near the end of their journey, the crew, along with Dolce, Evan, Clint, Rilara, Lachlan and Anya, held a large celebration to blow off steam and relax before the next event befell them; good or bad. A few days later the adventures found themselves in extremely cold and foggy waters, but decided to move forward. Dolce dived in first, with her ‘cloak of the manta ray’ transforming her into half paladin, half ray, and helped the crew get their diving bell into the water. Rilara and Lachlan were reduced to half size by Nebuchadnezzar so they could both fit in the bell and ease of squeezing into tight places. The trio plunged into the depths and after several minutes, came to a large formation of coral which had, as luck would have it, the Vagabond sitting precariously on the edge. After a quick scout, the rest of the party quickly gathered and entered the sunken ship. Lachlan and Evan started at the top, while Dolce, Rilara and Clint swam into a rather large hole on the lower decks of the ship. Scouring the ship they found quite a few ancient skeletons, chests of loot, and a single draugar locked in the brig with a trident sticking out of it. Dolce, the finder of this undead, took the trident and slew the abomination. Unbeknownst to the paladin, she had just sent a signal to a dangerous and dastardly foe of their presence. After several minutes of searching, the heroes had not found any object resembling the legendary pirate pistol they were hunting for, but had several chest in their possession and decided to open them in the relative safety of their diving bell. In the pocket of air provided, they found ancient treasures of gold, silver, gems and other materials of artistic value, but no gun. They did, however, find an encrypted map, but despite their best efforts could not crack it. In searching more of the chests, they came across an engraved ring that the ranger deduced was the cipher to the mysterious map and Clint decided to go topside and have Nebuchadnezzar aid him with their findings while the rest searched the Vagabond once more. Upon reaching the Evermist, the ranger and the old ship master found the map held the location of the lost pirate city, Barataria, but not much was known of it other then its origins and sudden lack of activity and disappearance a century ago. Meanwhile, under the Azure Sea’s calm waters, the rest of the party were carefully searching bilge to crows nest of the Vagabond and were finding nothing. Lachlan was in the bottom of the ship, Dolce in the middle, Evan searching the captain’s quarters, and Rilara the top deck. Upon finding naught but the resting crew of the Vagabond, Rilara swam out to search the surrounding area for clues or more wreckage. As she exited the first mate’s room onto the deck, she noticed a crab with a size twice that of the ship she was on’s claw slamming down, squarely on her, with no time to react. The entire ship thundered with a sick cracking sound and began to slide off balance from its perch, and the party was on the move. Dolce was first on the scene out of the middle decks and saw an injured Rilara receding into murky waters clutched by the giant beast. Evan went below decks to exit through the hole there while Lachlan was having trouble getting his bearings as the Vagabond took them for one last ride. Rilara was quickly subdued by the crab and released before being crushed to death as the crustacean turned its attention to the paladin. The creature’s master, a sahauhgin with a penchant for killing surface dwellers, took the lifeless floating Rilara into an extradimesional bag and swam to strike at Dolce. At the still free-falling ship, Evan swam out of the hole just before it crashed into the sea floor, leaving the fighter to be crushed by the now destroyed Vagabond. After the debris cleared Lachlan, with the help of Evan, pulled himself out of the wreckage. He and the bard grabbed a lifeboat still intact hanging by a chain and attached a magically summoned hippocampus to make a chariot, with Evan at the helm and Lachlan in the boat. They saw in the distance Dolce in the grasp of the giant crab, being blasted point-blank in the face with unholy energies, until she to had fallen and was placed in the bag of holding. The duo’s faced each other, ready for battle, but in their weakened state, Evan new for sure they would lose the fight. He reared the giant seahorse upward and made their escape, dodging spell blasts and made it out of danger. Up on the Evermist, Evan and Lachlan informed the ranger of what transpired and they, with Nebuchadnezzar, began to plan a desperate rescue mission.

The Most Apathetic Assassin

Our intrepid heroes began this tale heading for the docks, looking for the Ever-mist and her captain. Sure enough, she had made port and Nebuchadnezzar was his usual codgey self. Being on the sea for so long had made him thirsty, so he and the party made their way to the horse’s ass pub, which was a seedier bar than they were used to. As they were served their drinks, they told the old sea goat their tale and that they were looking for the sunken ship ‘The Vagabond’ for its legendary gun her captain used to wield. Nebuchadnezzar new the tale, but not the location, so he needed a few days in the towns archives to locate her final destination. After a ‘meal’ of flounder cakes (whole flounder pounded into mash, then made into patties and fried) the party departed, with Dolce, Rilara, and Clint headed for the apartments, and Evan and Lachlan headed for the newly established thieves guild. On their way, Dolce and company encountered the most apathetic assassin ever,who, with a simple nod and “yep.”, unleashed an entire stampede of crazed horses at them. The ranger tried to use his magic to escape, but alas he had been poisoned at the Ass! This was no ordinary poison, as it instilled in its victim a mix of dyslexia and tourettes, making spell casting and the use of magical devices nigh impossible. The paladin, however, dove into a nearby window to escape as the sorceress climbed the walls up into safety. Clint’s wolf, Anaya, carried her master away but was overtaken and trampled by the stampede. The party noticed a few things at this moment. Firstly, some of the horses had strange satchels on them. Secondly, inside the house were blood stains and several barrels of mysterious nature, and lastly the assassin was an expert at explosives. All this was lost on our heroic paladin, as she tore open a barrel in hopes of saving the residents, but was engulfed in light as everything went dark. Across the city in the sewers, the bard and fighter were planning a heist to test Wesker and his men, the new thieves guild leader and members, further. They planned to relieve some local nobles of their valuables and give to some more deserving folk, namely themselves. As they were getting to the finer points, the entire sewers shook with the sounds of distant destruction. The duo quickly left to check on their party,while the thieves took the opportunity of the ensuing chaos to lighten a few pockets. As Evan and Lachlan made their way to the source of the giant cloud of debris and smoke, they found the ranger trapped under charred horse carcasses and severely injured, reaching for his mortally wounded and still wolf companion. Evan quickly stabilized Anaya as Lachlan helped Clint out from under his predicament. Dolce and Rilara weren’t so lucky. Dolce was pinned under the rubble of a building barely conscious, as Rilara was in similar circumstances, but bleeding out and closing on deaths door. Ever the hero, Dolce called upon her god and pulsed divine healing energies all around which found Rilara and saved her life. Eventually, they were both dug out and the party retreated from an increasing number of mourners and guards to their guild and tended to their wounds. Wesker and company had obtained several cartloads of loot, and their base was now fully furbished. The fighter had even, with a great deal of trouble, obtained a rather obstinate and mangy looking cat, Malcolm. The party spent the night recuperating in the sewers and awoke early the next day to have a party in honor of the new guild chapter. Dolce danced with Wesker, the fighter and ranger had a game of dagger throwing with members of the guild, and Evan aided a young and talented boy with the music. All was not well as explosions were heard far in the distance, and a bell tolled with a singular purpose. The locals of the area went pale, and told the party that it was the alarm for sea wall, and something must have breached it. They all rushed to the surface to see a great wall of water rushing through the city. The intelligent griffins swooped down and landed amongst the party, nervously waiting for their masters to mount so they could flee. Not wanting to be left behind, Wesker and the guild hopped into an extra-dimensional bag of holding with bottle of air as the party took them and were off to see what could be done about the breach. Along the way, the ranger noticed a familiar foe on the bell tower, and with another nod and simple “yep.” shot the him and the paladin’s griffins with giant nets, ensnaring them all as they tumbled to the ground. The bard shot Dolce free as Clint used his elemental powers of fire to burn out and they with Lachlan and Rilara swarmed the assassin, while Evan held back to turn invisible. It was a trap, as the assassin pulled out a scroll of mass paralysis and froze them all save Dolce and Rilara. With their griffins now held with arcane energies they tumbled to the streets as the sorceress activated a spell of feather falling, saving herself. The rest crashed into the ground, and were hit full force with a tsunami. Evan flew into action, closing the distance between him and the bell tower, but the assassin glided to him and disarmed him of his rifle. “Well, is it going to be me, or your friends?” asked Veral. “I suppose it’s going to be… you!” screamed the bard as he blinded the assassin with his spell, and the two started to fight in midair, but even with his handicap, the assassin quickly gained the upper hand and had nearly taken the bard down when Rilara turned into a bolt of lighting and struck the assassin with a barrage of electric discharges from her newly shopped items. Veral turned to her and sliced her down with his enchanted sword, dispelling her flight and she went tumbling into the turbulent waters. Evan took the opportunity to shoot Veral in the back, with the exact same dispelling nature in his weapon taking away the assassin’s flight as well. “Beaten at my own game…” was all he could say as he was swept away into his own trap. Meanwhile, the paladin had been healing the party to her best ability, but the griffins and Anaya had been killed by the crashing waves, and the fighter and ranger, still paralyzed, were not faring much better. Dolce noticed Rilara further back in dire straits as the ranger regained mobility, and swam to the sorceresses aid. The bard fashioned a grappling hook and rope into a fishing line and fished out the caster and fighter while the ranger swam to the surface, only to be nearly hit by the Ever-mist. Nebuchadnezzar was expertly driving his ship in and out of buildings while his crew were throwing life lines to helpless citizens. Eventually the party took a breath on deck and thanked the old sea goat. Shouts or another survivor came and when the party saw who it was, they quickly gathered themselves and took aggressive stances. It was Veral, the most apathetic assassin. He was aimlessly floating on a rowboat, and announced he had ‘given up’. “What else can i do?”. The party pulled him on bored and stripped him down of all his possessions and took him to the captains quarters to be questioned. There he told them about the anti-paladin’s scrying pool he had used to keep tabs on the party, as well as the enemies troop movements, locations, and of their mysterious leader, known only as ‘The Seeker’. He told them of their enemies gathering strange artifacts, just as they were, and that their final goal was a mystery even to him. The heroes indoctrinated the assassin into their fold, and went about planning the next move, as it may very well be there last.

The Town of Scant

The party flew in from the north, after stopping in the small town of Beer for exactly the reason you’re thinking, into Scant. Rilara, remembering her home town, stopped in with the party at a local alchemists shop. After some haggling and shopping, the party learned of Dr.Marco, the creator of the philosopher’s stone, and that he used to run the alchemy guild, and there would be a good place to find out more. Passing through the market was more difficult then expected, as every merchant the party came across had something of value to the party. After narrowly avoiding the savvy merchants, the party met Boril, the overweight dwarven leader of the alchemy guild. Boril told them that Dr.Marco spends his days doing research in the sewers for seclusion and secrecy. The intrepid heroes immediately went off to the sewer entrance Boril told them about. Leaving the main market place and going into the more seedy and abandoned area, the party found the manhole as well as a remarkably unremarkable fellow fiddling with an old merchants stall. Asking what his wares were, he responded with ‘death’, collapsing the front of the stall revealing a wall of cannons and that he was an assassin from the Hellknights. Barley surviving the cannons, explosion, and traps left for them the ‘apathetic assassin’ made his escape. After recuperating, the party continued to Marco’s lair to find the alchemist, but alas Malcolm had arrived 4 years earlier and taken the stone. The party talked for hours to marco about the stone, Malcolm, and the Necropolis, the place where the stone was now kept. After formulating part of a plan of attack for the Necropolis, the party set out to find Cordell, their privateer contact in the Azure Sea. Marco departed to Jon Baptiste’s work shop, while the party went for the docks to find the Nightingale, Cordell’s ship, and ask him about taking them to the region where the legendary gun of a famous pirate might be. Finding out that Cordell wasn’t coming, but his first mate Nebuchadnezzar was arriving in three days on the Evermist. With a little down time, the party shopped while Evan started a new chapter of the thieves guild in Scant. Using Marco’s former hideout the party made Wesker, the leader of a small band of burglars, head of the Scant Branch Shadow Hands. He and his band were ordered to do a small heist to prove their skill. Now the party awaits the arrival of the Evermist to continue on their hunt of artifacts for the coming war.

The Eternal Storm

The party started the adventure leaving Saltmarsh, heading towards their comrades hiding in the Darkwood. Utilizing the griffins the paladin gave them, they made the journey in record time. Shortly after entering over the woods, Athrogate and the orphans were easily found, as they were using the old bandit camp. Catching up on each others journeys, the party learned how the kids army was coming along. Fantasia had started to implement poison and smoke-bombs into the K.A. while Timmy had made attack patterns such as ‘sick balls’, ‘Blind em’, and ‘go for the ears’. Not the most subtle methods, but effective. The newly complete bard Evan asked were Timmy wanted to go, and after listing the options, little Tim decided on studying under Master Roshi in the paladin capital. The troupe joined with the party and all headed to Niol-Dra, and dropped off the orphans and several items the the blacksmith Jon Baptiste. They left shortly after to the the elven capital in Celene to set up trade routes and bestow gifts to the Queen, Yolande. The queen refused any military aid at the moment, but would open negotiations with the paladin king Decimus. She also agreed upon the trade route and accepted the recovered painting of herself graciously. After resting in the elven lands, the party flew out to Greyhawk to see about the eternal storm. Shortly before arriving, they noticed a giant storm bank in the distance and strong winds in and around the city. Flying over and into the storm, the winds became to much and the griffins had to land and continue on foot. Eventually the party came to a mile wide crater in the center of the storm, where winds reached speeds of over 150 MPH. They noticed sparks high in the sky to be whet they were looking for, storm elementals. After a few trial-and-errors, the bard was fashioned as a kite, and with the fighter pitoned to the ground his anchor, was uplifted by the strong wind currents high into the storm. There he found several smaller elementals, but none quite like they were looking for. Evan then rode one of the storm elementals further into the center of the storm and came to an elemental the size of a small town. Getting its ire as well as some damage, he quickly led it down and into a less severe area of storm and their the party brought it down, after a long and hard combat, into the elemental containment field. The Rip to the plane of air closed, ans the eternal storm ended(perhaps with echoing consequences). They then decided to continue on to Blue, to obtain the Philosopher’s stone, and come one step closer to finishing their quest.

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