Saltmarsh and the band of seven

The Eternal Storm

The party started the adventure leaving Saltmarsh, heading towards their comrades hiding in the Darkwood. Utilizing the griffins the paladin gave them, they made the journey in record time. Shortly after entering over the woods, Athrogate and the orphans were easily found, as they were using the old bandit camp. Catching up on each others journeys, the party learned how the kids army was coming along. Fantasia had started to implement poison and smoke-bombs into the K.A. while Timmy had made attack patterns such as ‘sick balls’, ‘Blind em’, and ‘go for the ears’. Not the most subtle methods, but effective. The newly complete bard Evan asked were Timmy wanted to go, and after listing the options, little Tim decided on studying under Master Roshi in the paladin capital. The troupe joined with the party and all headed to Niol-Dra, and dropped off the orphans and several items the the blacksmith Jon Baptiste. They left shortly after to the the elven capital in Celene to set up trade routes and bestow gifts to the Queen, Yolande. The queen refused any military aid at the moment, but would open negotiations with the paladin king Decimus. She also agreed upon the trade route and accepted the recovered painting of herself graciously. After resting in the elven lands, the party flew out to Greyhawk to see about the eternal storm. Shortly before arriving, they noticed a giant storm bank in the distance and strong winds in and around the city. Flying over and into the storm, the winds became to much and the griffins had to land and continue on foot. Eventually the party came to a mile wide crater in the center of the storm, where winds reached speeds of over 150 MPH. They noticed sparks high in the sky to be whet they were looking for, storm elementals. After a few trial-and-errors, the bard was fashioned as a kite, and with the fighter pitoned to the ground his anchor, was uplifted by the strong wind currents high into the storm. There he found several smaller elementals, but none quite like they were looking for. Evan then rode one of the storm elementals further into the center of the storm and came to an elemental the size of a small town. Getting its ire as well as some damage, he quickly led it down and into a less severe area of storm and their the party brought it down, after a long and hard combat, into the elemental containment field. The Rip to the plane of air closed, ans the eternal storm ended(perhaps with echoing consequences). They then decided to continue on to Blue, to obtain the Philosopher’s stone, and come one step closer to finishing their quest.


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