Saltmarsh and the band of seven

The Azure Sea and the Vagabond

Nebuchadnezzar, having found the location of the Vagabond, took our adventurers deep into the Azure Sea. Along the three week journey, the party accustomed themselves with handling a ship, star navigation, fishing, rope running, and other tricks of the trade. Near the end of their journey, the crew, along with Dolce, Evan, Clint, Rilara, Lachlan and Anya, held a large celebration to blow off steam and relax before the next event befell them; good or bad. A few days later the adventures found themselves in extremely cold and foggy waters, but decided to move forward. Dolce dived in first, with her ‘cloak of the manta ray’ transforming her into half paladin, half ray, and helped the crew get their diving bell into the water. Rilara and Lachlan were reduced to half size by Nebuchadnezzar so they could both fit in the bell and ease of squeezing into tight places. The trio plunged into the depths and after several minutes, came to a large formation of coral which had, as luck would have it, the Vagabond sitting precariously on the edge. After a quick scout, the rest of the party quickly gathered and entered the sunken ship. Lachlan and Evan started at the top, while Dolce, Rilara and Clint swam into a rather large hole on the lower decks of the ship. Scouring the ship they found quite a few ancient skeletons, chests of loot, and a single draugar locked in the brig with a trident sticking out of it. Dolce, the finder of this undead, took the trident and slew the abomination. Unbeknownst to the paladin, she had just sent a signal to a dangerous and dastardly foe of their presence. After several minutes of searching, the heroes had not found any object resembling the legendary pirate pistol they were hunting for, but had several chest in their possession and decided to open them in the relative safety of their diving bell. In the pocket of air provided, they found ancient treasures of gold, silver, gems and other materials of artistic value, but no gun. They did, however, find an encrypted map, but despite their best efforts could not crack it. In searching more of the chests, they came across an engraved ring that the ranger deduced was the cipher to the mysterious map and Clint decided to go topside and have Nebuchadnezzar aid him with their findings while the rest searched the Vagabond once more. Upon reaching the Evermist, the ranger and the old ship master found the map held the location of the lost pirate city, Barataria, but not much was known of it other then its origins and sudden lack of activity and disappearance a century ago. Meanwhile, under the Azure Sea’s calm waters, the rest of the party were carefully searching bilge to crows nest of the Vagabond and were finding nothing. Lachlan was in the bottom of the ship, Dolce in the middle, Evan searching the captain’s quarters, and Rilara the top deck. Upon finding naught but the resting crew of the Vagabond, Rilara swam out to search the surrounding area for clues or more wreckage. As she exited the first mate’s room onto the deck, she noticed a crab with a size twice that of the ship she was on’s claw slamming down, squarely on her, with no time to react. The entire ship thundered with a sick cracking sound and began to slide off balance from its perch, and the party was on the move. Dolce was first on the scene out of the middle decks and saw an injured Rilara receding into murky waters clutched by the giant beast. Evan went below decks to exit through the hole there while Lachlan was having trouble getting his bearings as the Vagabond took them for one last ride. Rilara was quickly subdued by the crab and released before being crushed to death as the crustacean turned its attention to the paladin. The creature’s master, a sahauhgin with a penchant for killing surface dwellers, took the lifeless floating Rilara into an extradimesional bag and swam to strike at Dolce. At the still free-falling ship, Evan swam out of the hole just before it crashed into the sea floor, leaving the fighter to be crushed by the now destroyed Vagabond. After the debris cleared Lachlan, with the help of Evan, pulled himself out of the wreckage. He and the bard grabbed a lifeboat still intact hanging by a chain and attached a magically summoned hippocampus to make a chariot, with Evan at the helm and Lachlan in the boat. They saw in the distance Dolce in the grasp of the giant crab, being blasted point-blank in the face with unholy energies, until she to had fallen and was placed in the bag of holding. The duo’s faced each other, ready for battle, but in their weakened state, Evan new for sure they would lose the fight. He reared the giant seahorse upward and made their escape, dodging spell blasts and made it out of danger. Up on the Evermist, Evan and Lachlan informed the ranger of what transpired and they, with Nebuchadnezzar, began to plan a desperate rescue mission.


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